Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Does New Research Tell Us About the Role of Preaching?

Pastor, in the new book, Essential Church? Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts, Thom and Sam Rainer ask and answer the following question,
Is Preaching Still Important? Their answer is "Yes!"
Even in today's hyper-techno-driven conversational-wiki-culture, preaching is of the utmost importance. Of the several church-related or pastor-related issues noted by dropouts, preaching came up several times as a critical issue in retaining college students and young adults.

Dan Garland, our Director of Pastoral Ministry and Church Consulting pulled together some quotes and research results from "Essential Church?" related to preaching.

View the article Is Preaching Still Important Today?


Michael Stover said...

"Preaching is magnificent work only if we could get preachers like the prophet Nathan. If our preachers had only something of Nathan's courage, skill, serpent-like wisdom, and evangelical instancy. Nathan's sword was within an inch of David's conscience before David knew that Nathan had a sword. One sudden thrust, and the king was at Nathan's feet! (see 2 Samuel 12). Taken from 'David', by Chuck Swindoll. Now that is preaching!!

Rev. Craig A. Webb said...

that's a good quote, Michael. reading 'essential church?' reminded me to find ways to engage younger listeners by addressing them directly and speaking to their situations. sure do appreciate you ministry, Michael!