Friday, August 29, 2008

Fireproof Bible Study to Release with Fireproof Movie on DVD

I hope you and your church family have plans to see the new movie, Fireproof, when it releases in theaters on September 26, 2008.

I wanted you to know that we at LifeWay will be releasing a new resource at the same time Fireproof will release on DVD in February 2009. The Fireproof Bible Study: Live the Love Dare Member book and Kit will create a marriage-centered Bible study experience for individuals and couples.

Eight small-group sessions will be based around one or more movie clips from the motion picture Fireproof. It will utilize activities that create community, provide opportunities to dialog about real life in real marriage, explore and apply God's Word, and invite participants into a risky but redemptive journey.

The Fireproof Bible Study: Live the Love Dare Kit will include:
  • The Love Dare Journal (B&H Publishing Group) by Fireproof co-writer and director Alex Kendrick and co-writer and producer Stephen Kendrick
  • The Fireproof Bible Study: Live the Love Dare Member book by Michael Catt, Alex Kendrick, and Stephen Kendrick
  • The Fireproof Movie on DVD
  • Fireproof Teaching Clips DVD
  • CD ROM containing sermon outlines and helps for church planning and promotion
Each group session drives participants toward their weekly reading and application in The Love Dare Journal.

When members of your church family see this movie later this month they will want to find a way to use it as a ministry tool to have long term impact on the families in your community. The Fireproof Bible Study: Live the Love Dare will be an excellent biblical solution.

And, in case you missed it, I posted an excellent sermon by Michael Catt called Fireproof Your Marriage (includes complimentary PowerPoint).

And, in case you haven't seen the trailer of the Fireproof movie ...

Fireproof Teaser Trailer from Mike Stecker on Vimeo.

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