Saturday, August 30, 2008

Does Your Preaching Style Connect with Younger Listeners?

Pastor, I read an article by Pastor Gene Wilkes in the Spring 2008 edition of LifeWay's Let's Worship Magazine that challenged me in several ways. I've posted an excerpt here along with a link to download the full 5-page article. This is part of his explanation
  • A coach approach to preaching invites the preacher to ask rather than tell and listeners to participate rather than force them to absorb facts or daydream during a speech prepared by a preacher
  • A coach approach to preaching engages the participant at the level of his or her own issues and resources with the clear message of the biblical passage
  • Rather than the preacher making one-size-fits-all applications, he invites the listeners to customize what they have heard to their particular needs or goals
It's a big step for me to think about preaching this way, how about you?

Read the excerpt and the full article then share your comments ...

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