Friday, August 26, 2011

How We Do Our Annual Staff Reviews

I want to share how we do our staff review process at The Glade Church. We begin this process at the end of August and give the staff a month to complete the process of requesting and submitting reviews. Note that the staff members each create their own staff review sheet with content from their personal job description. Each supervisor will then meet with the staff member to go over the reviews.

The following is the set of instructions we give to our staff.

We are using a 360° evaluation process again this year. The process includes your immediate supervisor, yourself, and a combination of laypersons and colleagues.
  1. Create your review sheet using the Senior Pastor’s review as a guide (You may download my review as a sample). The review will include three sections to rate task performance (evaluation based on staff member’s job description), relationship performance, and team performance.

  2. Use a five-point scale.
    4 – Excellent (Great!)
    3 – Good (Yes!)
    2 – Satisfactory (OK)
    1 – Needs Improvement (I’m just sayin’)
    0 – Unsatisfactory  (No!)
  3. Select and distribute to the following types of people for evaluation:

    • A combination of five colleagues/peers or laypersons
    • One evaluation for you to evaluate yourself
    • One evaluation for your direct supervisor to evaluate you

    Inform Craig Webb and Faye Miller by e-mail who your feedback persons are.

  4. Code each form (top right corner) to indicate the following:
    • “S” - Supervisor
    • “C” - Colleague
    • “L” - Lay Leader
    • “Y” - Yourself
  5. Distribute to everyone evaluating you in an envelope marked to go to Faye Miller.

  6. Reviews should be returned to Faye by Thursday, September 29.
Download my staff review sheet as a sample here ...

How about you? Does your church have a staff review process?

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