Friday, September 26, 2008

January Bible Study 2009 Sermons from Exodus

At you will find an overview of 2009 January Bible Study (JBS), Living in Awe of God: Studies in Exodus, download samples, and get complimentary JBS 2009 leader and learner guides for your preschoolers and children.

You will also find a link (bottom right hand corner) to eight sermon manuscripts by Calvin Wittman from selected passages in Exodus. The following sermons correspond with the chapters of the January Bible Study (JBS) 2009:
  1. The Forward Movement of God's Plan, Exodus 1
  2. Setbacks in Service, Exodus 4 - 6
  3. The Plagues of Egypt, Exodus 7 - 11
  4. The Exodus from Egypt, Exodus 13 - 14
  5. Walking By Faith in the Wilderness, Exodus 15 - 17
  6. Prepare to Meet Your God, Exodus 19
  7. God Answers Prayer, Exodus 32
  8. Four Essentials of Worship, Exodus 35
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