Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sermons with PowerPoint Presentations and Sermon Handouts

I usually don't post my sermons in Proclaim Online but I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how I do my PowerPoint, Sermon Handouts, and the Sermon Booklet format I use. I've posted a five-sermon series that I preached in June.

I have published the sermons on article pages but have also linked to .zip files, which include the full PowerPoint presentations for each sermon, PDF and Word Documents of Sermon Handouts, and a Sermon Booklet.

In the PowerPoints, observe how we chose to use specific fonts, font sizes, font colors, and shadows. Also notice the use of bold for words we are stressing in particular scripture references.
In the Handouts we matched the PowerPoint graphics and use similar fonts and styles.
I print my sermons as a booklet using the "bookfold" option in Microsoft Word and use the "manual duplex" option when printing it.

Access everything on our EXTRA sermons page ...

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