Monday, June 23, 2008

How to Respond When Your Church is Resistant to Change

I've just posted a new article by Bob Sheffield. In this article he says that when your church is resistant to change there are congregational, personal, cultural, as well as fear / faith issues that need to be examined and considered. In the article he offers a list of things to consider for each.

He then offers five ways to deal with a church resistant to change:
  1. Properly assess the church’s attitude toward change.

  2. Honestly evaluate your own motivation in suggesting change.

  3. Practice good change agent principles.

  4. Educate yourself in the skills of a good change agent by attending conferences and reading appropriate resources.

  5. Remember that your role in the change God wants to bring in the church you pastor may be that of starting a change process that someone else completes.
Read How to Respond When Your Church is Resistant to Change

This is the fourth in a series of five articles dealing with the top five causes of forced terminations as identified in the 2006 Forced Termination survey.

You may access the first three articles here ...

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