Monday, June 9, 2008

Barna Says November Election Is Obama's to Lose

I was very surprised this morning to see The Barna Report's view that, "Unless Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama commits political suicide between now and election day, the Senator from Illinois is in a very comfortable position to win the November race against Republican challenger John McCain."

This is another quote from their website, "A new survey from The Barna Group, exploring the voting preferences of registered voters who are likely to vote in the upcoming election, found that not even the existing strong support of the evangelical community will be enough to lift the Republican hopeful over the top."

You'll want to read the full article to view what Barna calls, "six indicators of the strength of the Obama candidacy," along with "factors which could facilitate a victory by Senator McCain in November." View the full report, November Election Is Obama’s to Lose.

As the election heats up, I believe Pastors and other church leaders must become informed about where the candidates stand so they will be able to help the individuals in their church family as they deal with these critical issues.

One of the good sources of information on the candidates as well as very practical guidance for what pastors and churches can and can't do legally when it comes to the election is Here are the specific articles I have found helpful:
They also have an excellent Election Resource Page for Pastors including links to "resources on federal tax regulations pertaining to section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations and political activity."

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