Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Pastor at Heart, The 'How To' of Pastoral Care

I posted this article on Monday in the Pastor's Area of LifeWay.com. It's part of the section that deals with Pastoral Care and Counseling. With the many things that compete for our time as pastors I think we may feel the most guilt about this area.

Ken Gosnell, one of my favorite writers, is the author of this article. He uses PASTOR as an acrostic to spell out several practical ways to minister to your church family and model ministry to your leaders.
  • Put people before tasks.
  • Accept others faults and failures.
  • Schedule time to renew.
  • Tell people about the real struggles that you face.
  • Open your heart and listen to people’s stories.
  • Remember significant events in people’s lives.
Read the details about each one in the article now ...

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