Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What are your most important relationships?

And, how would God answer that question for you?

A new study from the Barna Group got me thinking about my most important relationships. You can read their study results in Americans Identify Their Most Important Relationships.

Their study showed that "people’s most important personal relationship is not with God. Family surpassed their Heavenly Father as the key personal connection. However, when asked to identify the most important group or network in their life, colleagues from their church topped the list, mentioned by three out of every ten adults."

I hope that if you asked God about my most important relationship He would say, "Craig's most important relationship is with me." I'm afraid some days He might say, "Well, Craig is a little wrapped up in himself and his own little world today." Ouch.

It would be very interesting if Barna or LifeWay Research were able to ask God these types of questions:
  • What is captivating the thoughts of your followers?
  • How much time do your followers spend talking to you?
In any case, I'm praying that God would be the most important relationship in my life. I know that when He is number one, that all other relationships are better.

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