Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter Sermon, I Am The Light, John 8

I found an excellent Easter sermon by Frank Lewis in Let's Worship Magazine and found out that not only did they print the sermon but they included three audio messages on the CD-Rom that comes in the back of each issue. I really like that they are doing this. They include audio interviews, children's worship bulletins, PowerPoint templates, and this type of sermon audio content.

I wanted you to see the quality of the sermons and the audio that Let's Worship has, so I got permission from them to post both the manuscript and the audio in Proclaim Online.

This model Easter sermon by Frank Lewis is based on John 8. The sermon actually sets up the Lords Supper Observance. In the sermon, Frank says, "When Jesus claimed to be the light of world, He was making a claim to be the Messiah. The Jewish ears in the audience when Jesus said this would have really perked up, probably much more so than our ears.

You may view the manuscript and download either a PDF version exactly the way it appeared in the magazine or an RTF version which you may open in a word processor. You will also find a link to listen to the entire sermon audio.

View Easter Sermon, I Am The Light, John 8

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