Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barna Study on Social Networking, Online Entertainment, and Church Podcasts

A new study from The Barna Group explores social networking as well as how Americans use digital technology to get the products, services, and content they desire. The research identifies the mainstream - as well as emerging - platforms and practices. Additionally, the Barna study also examines how the Christian community engages with such technologies, including the use of church podcasts.

David Kinnaman, the lead researcher on the project says, "Church leaders have to strike the delicate balance between the spiritual and cultural potential of tech tools without surrendering to the false promise of these tools. Having the means of reaching the masses - for instance, through podcasting - is a good thing. Yet, nothing matches the potency of life-on-life discipleship. In this respect, social networking and blogs can be effective tools to intimately connect with a small, natural network of relationships. The key is using the technology to in a way that is consistent with your calling and purpose, not just an addictive self-indulgence."

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