Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pastors Quick Poll Results: "How Many Close Friends?"

Thanks for participating in last week's Quick Poll question from the Pastor's Area of "How many close friends (besides your spouse) do you have?" I'm thankful to God for those who have close friends. Would you pause and pray for those who don't?

Ike Reighard says, "Friendship is a vital part of New Testament ministry and leadership. Without quality, biblical friendships, we are modeling a flawed Christian lifestyle for our church members. Most pastors find themselves in an unhealthy relationship where their wife is their only friend and counselor. If a pastor continues to project his problems onto his wife, she will grow disillusioned and desperate to leave the ministry." He says there are 4 types of friends every pastor needs (developer, designer, disturber, and discerner).

You might also look at Henry Webb's article on the 4 stages of a pastor's ministry (foundation, maturing, multiplying, and legacy). He says, "In addition to the presence of His Spirit, God provides you different people as sources of help as you move through the stages." Read the article and download a free chart which includes a map of calling issues, source of help, educational challenges, major concerns, personal issues, and dangers.

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