Saturday, May 3, 2008

LifeWay Research: Evangelism Beyond the Church Walls

Unchurched adults interested in finding a congregation aren't nearly as likely to visit one in person as a church member who is shopping for a new congregation. That means effective evangelism must begin outside the sanctuary in relationships between Christians and unbelievers, according to research from several recent studies from LifeWay Research.

My favorite part of the report is the audio interview with Ed Stetzer and Tim Keller

Access the findings and listen to the audio interview with Ed Stetzer and Tim Keller

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Tony said...

These are such significant findings. I think an extension of them is that church websites should be (but aren't usually), written with outsiders as their primary audience. Internet Evangelism Day's church website design self-assessment tool can help churches in this. Comments on it: "Most church websites are not evangelistic. The new Church Website Design Tool can help rectify this problem. This is a wonderful tool." - Dr. Bill Gordon, Evangelism Response Center, NAMB.

"There is no silver bullet for a great ministry site. However, this checklist is an invaluable tool to identify critical areas for improvement. Every church should study this regularly and act on it!" - Gary McClure, LifeWay Ministries.