Friday, May 9, 2008

Avoid the Top 5 Reasons for Pastoral Terminations, Part 1

I've just posted a new article on This is the first in a five-article series where retired pastoral ministry specialist Bob Sheffield will share the top five causes of forced terminations (from the 2006 Forced Termination survey conducted by the Church Minister Relation's Directors network in cooperation with LifeWay Christian Resources) and offer several prevention strategies for each.

The cause he deals with in this article is cause # 5:
The Church Was Already In Conflict When the Pastor Arrived

Bob shares three important but often overlooked facts about this type of destructive church conflict. He then answers the question, "What does a pastor or staff member do to help prevent this type of forced termination from happening?"

Read the article:

Avoid the Top 5 Reasons for Pastoral Terminations

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