Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Church Switchers article says they leave for a different type of church

According to a new article from LifeWay Research relating to their "Church Shifter" research, they say that, "Church switchers often choose a new church that is different in several ways from their previous church."

The article discusses findings related to Worship style, Church size, Denomination change, Preaching, and Involvement.

The topic that caught my attention was Preaching. I remember visiting a couple that had stopped attending the first church I pastored. Their reason was that my preaching was not strong enough. Even though it was 20 years ago, I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it. I was devastated.

The great thing, is that with God's help, we can do something about this. Look at what they found in their research about preaching.
Twice as many church switchers typically consider the preaching at their current church to be relevant, interesting, understandable, and challenging compared to their previous church.

Ninety-one percent say the preaching is relevant; only 44 percent found the preaching relevant at their previous church. Similarly, 91 percent say at their current church, the preacher holds their attention; only 37 percent were this interested at their previous church. Eighty-six percent are challenged by the preaching at their current church to live and think as Scripture teaches; only 39 percent were challenged in this way at their previous church.

Eighty-seven percent base their selection of a church on preaching. Nine out of ten church switchers have found preaching that meets their need for relevance, interest, and clarity.

"The importance of the pastor and preaching in a believer’s spiritual journey cannot be overstated," McConnell said. "From the church switchers" perspective, changing churches has enabled them to find better preaching that addresses two of the top reasons they left their previous church: lack of help to develop spiritually and the pastor was not a good preacher."
If you are looking for some help in improving your preaching, be sure to check out the Preaching Skills section of Proclaim Online Sermon Helps from LifeWay.

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