Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Center for Missional Research Study finds 75 percent of Americans believe in the Resurrection

I was really grateful to find this one today. Ed Stetzer and the folks over at the "Center for Missional Research" at the North American Mission Board (http://www.namb.net/cmr) released a new study last week showing among other things, that "75 percent of Americans believe in the Resurrection."

You can view the study along with support materials here. Be sure to note the research they did related to James Cameron's recent documentary, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus." It's fascinating.

Their main takeaway is...
So, what can we learn from these numbers? First, the general public, and even those who only show up at our churches on Easter and Christmas, may actually agree with the greeting, “Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!” Our message to congregants on Easter Sunday may not require a defense of the physical resurrection so much as an explanation to its meaning and redemptive power for the individual sitting in the pew. And guess what—people carry their beliefs with them in our communities throughout the year. Three of the next 4 adults you encounter probably believe this foundational truth of the Christian faith.

I think this has important implications for your preaching and teaching this weekend.

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