Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prayer Letter from My Mom for You to Share

I wish you could all meet my mom and dad. My mom e-mailed a note to my wife, my brother Chuck, his wife, and me this morning. It was encouraging and insightful so I asked her if I could post it here (she said yes).

Here's what she wrote ...
I was praying more intensely than usual for you four this morning. Some of this comes from the difficult day I had yesterday. Yesterday I found myself focusing on all that had to be done during this particular season of the year. The Bible study I did this morning helped me see what was happening. I was studying Matthew 13:1-23. It hit me that I was like the person who heard the Word and understood it then the worries of this world and seduction of wealth choked the truth of God’s Word and my life became unfruitful.

You all have much more on you than I—therefore I am committed to continue to pray that you will focus on Jesus and His Truth and not let the worries of this world and the seduction of wealth choke you.
My mother is the co-author of A Mother's Garden of Prayer and A Woman's Garden of Prayer: Cultivating Intimacy With God Through Prayer.

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