Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spirit-Led Preaching

Greg Heisler is Assistant Professor of Preaching and Speech at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of a new book published by Broadman and Holman Publishing Group called Spirit-Led Preaching: The Holy Spirit’s Role in Sermon Preparation and Delivery.

I stumbled on to his blog at today and found some excellent resources.

I don't want you to miss his article on The Expository Method

In the article Heisler says, “I believe the aim of all preaching is the glory of God through spiritual transformation. More specific, the goal of a Spirit-empowered, expository ministry of the Word of God is to change lives through preaching that engages the mind, inflames the heart, moves the will, and engenders faith in the hearer.”

While the alliterative style of this article is a little “old school” for me, he really has strong content here. I’ll list the main points of his article but you’ll want to read the whole article to get what he means by each point.
  • Surrender Yourself to the Spirit’s Illumination
  • Saturate Yourself in the Spirit’s Inspiration
  • Survey the Context of Your Text.
  • Scrutinize the Contents of Your Text
  • Scan the Structure of Your Text
  • Stick to The Authorial Intent of Your Text
  • Support the Central Proposition of Your Sermon through Explanation and Illustration
  • Secure Your Sermon to the Heart through Penetrating Application
  • Show the Savior Throughout Your Sermon
  • Spark Interest with an Intriguing Introduction To Your Sermon
  • Specify the Response Your Sermon Seeks in the Conclusion
  • Seek Sinners Through the Invitation of Your Sermon
Good stuff, don't you think. You'll also want to see the Excerpts from Spirit-Led Preaching that he posted there.

This is excellent training for pastors...

You can buy the book from the LifeWay Online Catalog here…

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