Friday, March 23, 2007

How to Stop Your Church from Growing

I just posted a new article in the "Pastor as Missionary" area.

Let's Worship Magazine editor Matt Tullos sticks tongue in cheek to take a funny look at church growth. He says, "For some people, church growth can be rather tedious. There’s the parking problems, the new people to get to know, the reduction of political power due to the influx of new people that don’t know you, the extra wear on the carpet, the noise of young children, the overuse of bathroom facilities . . . you name it."

So he shares 25 Easy Ways to Curb The Annoying Problem of Church Growth

My favorites are ...

  • If your auditorium slopes downward to the platform give every kid under 12 a handful of marbles before the service.

  • Replace the pictures of former pastors with pictures of Larry, Moe, and Curly.

  • Before the offertory hymn have the worship leader scream,“Show me the money!”

  • Use the “American Idol” format for staff hirings.
Read all 25 and share it with your fellow ministers...

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