Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to do a group brainstorming session

Pastor, when we are trying to plan a new sermon series, promote an event, or solve a problem, here's the group brainstorming process we follow (Michael Eubanks, our Pastor for New Generations brought this process back from a conference).

We pull together a team of five to eight creative types with different perspectives and give them an overview of what we're trying to get to. We then distribute a stack of 3x5 cards to each person and give them about ten minutes to write as many creative ideas as they can (one simple phrase on each card).

We then gather the cards and begin reading them and taping them to a wall in categories. Be sure to capture this treasure of ideas on paper to help you in further planning. Also, give options to your team for participating in the implementation of the ideas. It's a great opportunity to train and equip other leaders. You'll love the results.

When you're going through the process, be sure to keep in mind Osborn's four general rules of brainstorming:
  1. Focus on quantity
  2. Withhold criticism
  3. Welcome unusual ideas
  4. Combine and improve ideas

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