Monday, June 4, 2007

Who do you want to Jott? is a new free service that uses voice recognition technology to e-mail you the contents of your recorded voice message. Go to and set up your phone, e-mail address, etc. and you can do what I do...

My son's baseball coach is giving his speech at the end of a game and announces that the next practice is Tuesday at DuPont Tyler at 6:30 pm.

I grab my cell phone and call the toll-free number 877--568-8486 and hear a perky female voice, "Who do want to Jott?"

I answer, "me." She say's "Jott to self," and I hear a beep. I then say, "Casey practice, Tuesday at DuPont Tyler at 6:30 pm." I wait a few seconds to hear her say, "Got it!"

I then get an e-mail with my message transcribed into text, "Casie practice, Tuesday at DuPont Tayler at 6:30 pm." It's not exact - but pretty close. I can then copy it into my calendar.

You might ask the question, "what if it doesn't understand what you say?" I wondered the same thing until I got the following message last week after Jotting something after a game...
Casie batting practice 4:30 Saturday at [unclear speech, please listen]. It then had a link where I was able to hear a recording of my message. I then realized that every time I get my Jott e-mail, there is an option to listen to my message.

Here are some ways a pastor or other church leader might use this free service...
  • Call Jott and record an idea for your sermon
  • Call Jott to e-mail yourself a reminder for something you need to do
  • Jott a journal entry, devotional thought, or something the Lord tells you.
You can also set it up to Jott others and even set up groups.
  • You might set up Jott to send quick updates to other church leaders, Sunday School teachers, or church staff.
  • You might Jott your administrative assistant with something you need.
You can use for free - I say, "try it, what have you got to lose."

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